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This is just starting up.
Have fun with the links.

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See the lower side menu for links to sewalongs and guidance mostly for more structured jackets.

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Some reasons people may think it’s difficult to make a jacket :
– limit use of word ‘jacket’ to structured/ tailored jackets,
– lack of easy sewalongs,
– you usually want to be able to take a jacket off, which means it needs to look as good inside as out. That means a lining, or neat seam finishes. It’s easier to sew a jacket without a lining, but the seam finishes are more work.
– many jacket patterns are labelled Easy/ Very Easy/ Novice which are actually Intermediate or more difficult. [Burda Style Novice category is particularly bad at this, and there’s a New Look jacket labelled *Easy which has the most difficult sort of notch collar.] Do the pattern companies really not realise how much harm and distress they cause by doing this ?
– several of the ‘trendy’ pattern companies provide minimal sewing instructions, not a good way to encourage a new generation of sewers. No wonder customers flock to the pattern lines with sewalongs.

There’s seems to be some sort of conspiracy to put people off sewing jackets !

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As the side links show, there’s a lot of good help available for sewing advanced-intermediate jackets. But I didn’t manage to find many good sewalongs for easy jackets.
I’m hoping to give some help here.
But I sew very slowly, so expect posting to be infrequent and unpredictable !

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